Johnnie walker

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  • Publicado : 17 de octubre de 2010
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Alberto Michel Gutierrez Murcia

Oscar Iván Mendoza Olea


English Project

Johnnie walker
The things that we are going to change in this commercial going to be
-Firstin the real commercial begins with a guy playing the piper the we supplied that with a solo guitar
-Then our slogan going to be one step is the differences never stop
-We are going to make adifferent bottle with another colors like red with green like the, Mexican flag because it is a Mexican product
-Then other thing we are going to change is the clothes that use that guy we are going touse different clothes because in the real history the time is changing and the clothes are the same
-The only thing that we are going to live the same is the history of the whisky and the history ofJohnnie YOU CAN SEE THE REAL VIDEO

One step is the differences never stop
Our bottle

-Hey guitar hero!
-Shut it!
-Here´s a truestory
-About a young lad named John.
-Just a local farm boy, but there was something special about the lad
-A glint in his eye,
-A fire in his belly,
-A spring in his step.
-And one day he went fora walk.
-Now, this walk began when his father died.
-The year was 1819 and he was just 14 years old.
-Bereavement counseling?
-Well, these were the days when young boys were sent into the fields,-The mills, the mines, tough times.
-But young John was smart enough to be lucky.
-His father´s farm where he was and raised, was sold
-And the proceeds used to open a grocer´s.
-Bigresponsibility for the wee lad.
-His own shop in Kilmarnock,
-With his name on the door: John Walker.
-Or Johnnie, as the world now knows him.
-Back then, all grocers stocked a range of local single malts,-But they could be…
-A wee bit inconsistent.
-For John, that wasn´t good enough.
-He began blending different malts together
-As a way of offering his customer a consistent, unique product.
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