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Yo vivo con mis padres y mi hermano. Mi papa tiene un negocio familiar con mi tío, es una distribuidora de alimentos (food ‘s Wholesale).
Área de compras: purchase’s department
Análisis de riesgos: risk’s analysis
Mercado: domestic market

I ‘m an industrial engineer, I studied in theuniversity of Atlántico.
I started in Gecolsa like a practicing student, after I finished the university, in the purchase’s department. Later I was topromote purchase’s analyst, I was around 3 years and 5 months in this position, there was an opportunity in other area of the company and I applied for that,then I was appointed like General Services and Security coordinator since March on 2008. In the security field I manage the contractor Atlas who have thepersonal for this objective. About the foreign nowadays Gecolsa have 6 persons, inclusive our deputy chairman and their family live in Colombia. When VIPemployees come to Barranquilla we designed an escort or a bodyguard depend the case.
Our security plan consists in 13 security posts and 29 guards, we havetechnological tools like CCTV and dialing watches for the guards to supervise the security in the company.
The security conception has been changed with theyears, before the security’s boss were people who belong at the army or others organizations, but nowadays the big companies look for professionals withexperience in this field to drill a best management in security based on topics how risk’s analysis or the definition and evaluation of security’s indicators.
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