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Is there a taxi around her?
Yes, there is a taxi. Its stopping for as now.
Excuse me. Are you going up down?
No, I´m going downtown. SorryLet´s take to subway. Is there one near here?
Yes, there is. It’s down her.
To subway is faster anyway.
And there is one token for my.There are three tokens for you.
Thank you, Karen.
Hello, Matt. How are you today?
I´m Fine thanks.
This is Lean. She’s an actuaries.
Sheacts in movies.
It’s nice to meet you.
Do you teach to?
No, I don’t teach.
He Teaches.
Does lean teach?
No she doesn’t teach.
Whatdoes she do?
She acts in movies.
I study lo at to university.
What does she do?
She works in an office.
She’s a secretary.
You areinteresting people. I want to be your friend.
Do you have time to eat?
What time is it now?
Oh, yes, we have time to eat.
Do you want to comewith my, norman?
For lunch I have some jam and cheese.
I also have some hot dog and a can of tuna fish.
What do you want to eat first?
Whatdoes matt have?
He has some jam and cheese.
Does he have any hot dog?
Yes, he has a lot of hot dog?
Do Karen and norman have anything toeat?
Yes they have many things to eat.
What do you they have to eat?
They have hot dog and tuna fish to eat.
Look! Matt has some fruit fordesert.
Good, but I want some lettuce and tomatoes, for my ham and cheese sandwich.
Yes, of course I do.
Matt, do you have any ketchup.
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