Jorge luis borges

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  • Publicado : 6 de diciembre de 2010
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September 9, 2010

Jorge Luis Borges was an argentine writer and poet born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was one of the most important writers of the literature of the 20th Century. He publishedshort essays, stories and poems. His work, fundamental in literature and in humans’ feelings has been the target of many analysis and interpretations; it transcends any kind of classification andexcludes any type of dogmatism.
The history presents him as one of the erudite of the 20th century. Borges offers through his language perfections, his knowledge, his ideas, his originality, and thebeauty of his poetry; a work that makes honor to the Spanish language and to the universal mind.
Borges was born in August 24th 1899, in a typical argentine house from late 19th century. His house wassituated on Palermo close to downtown. The relationship between Borges and literature began in his childhood. At the age of 4 he already knows how to read and write, also he was used to speak Spanishor English at home. In 1905 he started to take classes with a British tutor. In the following year he wrote his first essay related to the famous Don Quijote. At the age of 9 he translated “The HappyPrince” from Oscar Wilde. Borges started school directly for 4th grade, but it wasn’t easy for him because his classmates mocked him for his stutter. During his permanence in that school he doesn’tlearn no more than some slangs and trying to go unnoticed. In 1914 Borges and his family moved to Switzerland, where Borges and her sister will go to school. He also learned to speak French. After theend of the Great War he moved to Barcelona, Spain –city in which he wrote “Los Ritmos rojos” and “Naipes Del Tahur”. He also published his first famous poem “Himno al mar” in 1919. In 1921 he came backto Buenos Aires where he will meet Leopoldo Lugones –a very famous argentine writer. Later he founded the magazine “Proa”. He collaborated in other magazines too. Between 1930 and 1950 he wrote one...
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