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  • Publicado : 2 de septiembre de 2012
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A story about a Hamburger and Zombies Unicorns

This is a story about a Hamburger. This story starts in a fast food restaurant. A chef is making a hamburger. In other part of the city, a scientistis making a nuclear bomb. Accidently the scientist activate the bomb, but the bomb doesn’t explote. “Uff…!” say the scientist, “If something stands on the bomb it’s going to explode”. In that moment amosquito stands on the bomb. The scientist say nooo, but the bomb explodes. All the persons transform in Zombies Unicorns and the Hamburger transform in a living hamburger. All the food disappears inthe explosion, but the Hamburger survives. The Zombies are hungry so they follow the hamburger. The Hamburger starts to run but the Zombies are faster and the Hamburger needs to hide in some part tosurvive. The Hamburger hides in a house but some Zombies enter into the house and try to find them but the Hamburger is gone now. Then the Hamburger gets out of the house and run out far far away ofthe house. The Zombies follow him and catch the Hamburger and eat the Hamburger. The end? No, the Hamburger escapes from the Zombie’s stomach and hit all the Zombies in their face. The Zombie runs awayfrom the Hamburger but the Hamburger hits them and kills all the Zombies. No Zombies survive from the super attack of the Hamburger. Some of the Zombies try to run away from the city, however theHamburger catch the Zombies and hit them with his super attack. But, one Zombie escapes of the Hamburger. The Hamburger doesn’t know that one Zombie is alive, so the Zombie can attack the Hamburger whenthe Hamburger is sleeping. One night, the Hamburger is sleeping on the street of the city and the Zombie uses this opportunity to try to catch the Hamburger. The Zombie makes some noice that wake upthe Hamburger.

The Hamburger sees that the Zombie tries to eat him so the Hamburger attacks the Zombie with his super attack. The attack doesn’t affect the Hamburger, so the only thing that the...
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