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Joseph and the amazing Technicolor dream coat
This play begins with 4 girls singing something about a guy named Joseph who always dream about things that will happen, his brothers, who were many,were jealous with Joseph because he was the father`s favorite. One day the father have him a colorful coat but the brothers were anger because they never receive something from his father.
One dayJoseph dream something very strange, he tell it to his brothers, but they were until the top of his dreams so they invite him to walk with they, and when they were, so far they sells him to the pharaohand the brothers put of his coat and bath it into the blood of sheep and they say that Joseph was assassinated by a wolf, all the family but the brothers, cry about the lost of Joseph.
Days gone by andJoseph became a servant of the pharaoh. The wife of the pharaoh was bad and she seduce Joseph and when the pharaoh saw them he became mad and Joseph was put in jail same days later two more servantsof the pharaoh were put in jail to and they tell Joseph that they dream something that they never understand so Joseph listen to the dreams and he understand that one will be free soon and the otherwill die.
One day after that, the pharaoh was frighten by a dream, so the servant that was realized, tell the pharaoh about Joseph, so the pharaoh call to bring Joseph. When he finished telling thedream, Joseph tell the pharaoh what it was about Joseph said that soon a terrible hunger will arrive to Egypt. Then the pharaoh order to keep food for all the village, then the days gone through andsaid and made, the hunger arrive and the pharaoh give food to the villagers and nobody were death.
When the prediction was come true the king made Joseph his right hand, and when the pharaoh deathJoseph become the pharaoh.
In the other side we have the Joseph`s family that they don`t have anything to eat so they decided to go to Egypt and bring some food for the family. When they arrive they...