Josefa ortiz de dominguez in english

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Josepha Ortiz de Dominguez
Doña Josepha Ortiz de Dominguez (September 8, 1768 – March 2, 1829) was a conspirator and supporter of the Mexican War of Independence, who fought for independence againstSpain, in the early 19th century. She is frequently referred to as "La Corregidora".
Early life
Ortiz de Dominguez was the daughter of Don Juan José Ortiz; a captain of "Los Morados" regiment, andDoña Manuela Girón in Valladolid (present-day Morelia). Her father was killed in a battle early in her infancy and her mother died soon after. Maria Sotero Ortiz, Josepha’s sister, took care of herupbringing and managed to secure a place for her in the prestigious College de las Vizcaínas in 1789. She married Miguel Dominguez, a frequent visitor to the college, in 1791.
In 1802, Miguel Dominguezwas appointed by the Viceroy of New Spain to the office of "Corregidor" (a magistrate) in the city of Querétaro. During that period, Ortiz de Dominguez took care of household chores and the educationof their 14 children.
Ortiz de Dominguez developed an early sympathy for the Amerindian, mestizo and the creole community who were oppressed by the Spanish colonial government. Amerindian peoplewere oppressed; mestizos and creoles were often seen as second-class citizens and were relegated to secondary roles in the administration of the colony. This obviously created discontent among manycreoles who soon started to organize secret and literary societies where works of the Enlightenment banned by the Roman Catholic Church were discussed. Ortiz de Dominguez herself attended some of the earlymeetings and eventually convinced her husband to organize a number of political meetings in their house. The meetings, attended by educated figures including Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla and IgnacioAllende, quickly turned to revolutionary issues.
War of Independence
The overthrow of King Ferdinand VII of Spain as a result of the Peninsular War in Spain suddenly increased the prospect of...
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