Journal sodas in the colombian market

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  • Publicado : 1 de noviembre de 2011
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Colombians have been buying sodas in big amounts, this drink is very popularin the Colombian market, as this be over the meat, bread and many other products, everyone has their preference depending the location, climate and the brand; the sodas are preferred for the men butnot for the women.

Keywords: Sodas, demand, market, buyers, buy, sell, sellers, store.


Demand of sodas in the Colombian market, has been a big demand, because it makes happy tomuch people. this drink is part of the daily buy of many Colombians, and everyone have their preference depending of the location, since in hot land the people not drink the same that in cold land. thebrand is very important in the demand of sodas because the people prefer a brand that other.

1. Demand of sodas.

Colombians consume much soda in comparison with other products the market,according studies, show us that the sodas are just below the rice and milk but for the men, because for women are just below the rice, milk, meat and bread; however, both as in the men and in the women,the sodas are a very important product for the basket food.

Reference: LA REPUBLICA, newspaper.

2. Preferences:

Colombians prefer big brands as the are Coca-Cola and Postobon, thatare the brands preferred for the people. these big firms, have been selling diferents products in the colombian market during long years, and for that, the people buy their brands and products, theproducts of the Coca-Cola company and Postobon are the more buyed for the colombians, and follow their, products as Pony Malta of Bavaria, Pepsi, Colombiana of Bavaria too, sprite of the Coca-ColaCompay, and Big Cola, inter.


Reference: LA REPUBLICA, newspaper.

3. Place of buy:

The sodas buy do performed most time in neighborhood store, since for the buyers is more easy to go to...
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