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Week 1 journal.
the earliest region colonized and developed in American history.  The states associated with this region are Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island andConnecticut
This week we prepared dishes from the region of new England. Being rich in seafood and colonial foods, I enjoyed cooking using these recipes. We worked well in class, however ourcommunication, service times and hygiene need serious improvement.
Critiques: veg overcooked, knife cuts need work, good consistency with soup. Dressing was too oily. Desert was too soggy.
Myresponsabilities this week included: dishwashing, mise en place, knife skills, braising, soup making, baking. Garbage and grease trap

Week 2 journal
The Mid Atlantic Region covers New York, JewJersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.
This week in class we cooked using the style of the mid atlantic, we delt with crabs, buffalo wings and warm roasteddishes, all the food we made were hearty and filling. We flopped this week, taking far too long to plate our dishes and our hygiene was sorely lacking.
Critiques: roasted veg overcooked, knife cutswere par, soup was great, some protein was overcooked, Pound cake lacked volume, buttered noodles were amazing.
My responsabilities: braising, sautéing, baking, mise en place, cleaning,garbage, sweeping/mopping

Week 3 journal
Deep South Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, N & S Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee and Mississippi
This week we catered to the culinary styling’s of thesouth. We worked hard this week and pulled up out times a bit, out communication has started to develop as well, however I am still lacking in hygene and timelines.
Citiques: potatoes overcooked,catfish overcooked, knife cuts need improvement, dressing underseasoned
My responsabilities this cweek: grilling, roasting, sugar making, mise en place, garbage, sweeping mopping, inventory
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