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Name:Sabri Khalil Al Banna, later known as Abu Nidal (1937-1992)
Association/s:Fatah (of the PLO); later, Abu Nidal Organization
Claim to Notoriety:  Abu Nidal have orderedattacks in 20 countries, killing or injuring over 900 people.[4] The group's most notorious attacks were on the El Al ticket counters at Rome and Vienna airports in December 1985, when Arab gunmenhigh on amphetamines opened fire on passengers in simultaneous shootings, killing 18 and wounding 120. Patrick Seale, Abu Nidal's biographer, wrote of the attacks that their "random cruelty marked themas typical Abu Nidal operations."[5]
Currently: Abu Nidal died in Baghdad in 2002, either by suicide or at the hand of the Iraqi secret police

Name:Osama bin Laden
Nationality:Saudi (citizenshipstripped)
Association/s:Al Qaeda
Claim to Notoriety:Wanted for 9/11 Attacks; Has Declared War against United States
Currently:At large, perhaps in Afghanistan or Pakistan

Carlos the jackalName:Illich Ramirez Sanchez, later known as Carlos the Jackal (1949- )
Nationality: Venezuelan
Association/s: Formerly associated with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
Claim toNotoriety: Ramirez' high profile terrorism, associations with leaders from Saddam Hussein to Libyan Muammar Qaddafi, and apparent ruthlessness made him the most notorious terrorist of the 1970s.Currently: Ramirez is in Clairvaux Prison in France, after conviction in 1997. In March, 2007, a conviction against him for statements he made supporting terrorism was overturned.

Saddam Hussein
He was aIraqi politician and became the president of Iraq in 1979 until 2003 he was born in a town named Tikirit , he was accused by the murder of 148 Shia he was executed in December 30 2006 after a trial bythis charges.

Leader of the revolution of Libya,
Genocide in lybia
Ruled Libya for 41 years
He was connected with several terrorist groups and was involved with several terrorist attacks , in...
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