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History Stalin´s Economy inform

What were the main features of the 5 year plans and what were their main aims?
The five year plans emphasized heavy industry such as coal, iron, steel , oil andelectricity production. Also improved the railways in the soviet union and resources were ploughed into new armament. The unemployment was severely reduced. Its main aims were to industrialize theSoviet Union and to eliminate the backward way of living in many regions of the country.
What was the goal of collectivization?
The main goal of collectivization was to take under control all theterritory it was possible for the communist party. A very important goal too was that collectivization would support with supplies for the workers in the industries.
What was the relationship between the 5year plans and collectivization and between the economic policy and the purges?
Collectivization was directly related to the 5 year plans because these plans wouldn´t be able to function if it hadn´thad the support of collectivization (workers for the industries and supplies for these workers). The economic policy and the purges were related because for achieving the aims of the policy manypeople were deprived from their rights, such as to own their farms, so therefore as the people complained they were harshly punished. Everybody who opposed the economic policies was arrested or shot.
Whowere the Stakanovites?
The stakanovites were an organization of workers, whose aim was to promote and work the best and fastest way possible. They got their name thanks to Aleksei Stakhanov, who wasa worker that mined almost 102 tons of coal in 6 hours. They organized trainings for workers and competitions within factories and plants. They were Stalin´s propaganda maneuver.
Who were the Kulaksand why did Stalin attack them?
The Kulaks were former peasants who owned medium sized farms. The Kulaks produced for themselves and had private lands. The opposed the economic policy that was...
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