Judging morality (en ingles)

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  • Publicado : 15 de diciembre de 2011
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Judging an act morally right or wrong.
by xxxxxxx xxxxxxxx
In the following essay, I will defend the basis of how I would judge an act as morally “right “ or “wrong”.
Perhaps I should begin bymentioning the importance of the issue since I have found in my research that this could be not just the most important question of ethics but also philosophy or even the most important question ofall. Personally, I can not imagine any kind of progress in human’s life without the basic idea of separating the ideas of right and wrong.
I believe that there is some type of instinct or basic needfor survival of the species that has kept us alive ever since we started living in this planet. My personal belief lays in the idea that animals (without what we know as reason) are guided by aninstinct and their survival depends in great part of that (a cub lion will not attack an adult buffalo even if the cub has never seen one). In the other hand, we as humans have developed a level ofconscience (known by some as “knowledge“) that had replaced the natural or animal instinct . Since we don’t have that instinct as sharp as some animals, we had to have our own way of survival. The idea ofright or wrong decisions / morals.
Morals or the decisions of what is right or wrong are created or should be created based on what type of repercussions it will bring to humanity in the future. Ibelieve that all civilizations were created by following laws and all law should be created for the general well being of society.
There are several things that make me think this way. We canclearly observe the issue of pollution and all the negative effects if brings to not just humans but all the ecosystem of the planet, or why promiscuity has been seen as immoral in several cultures? Maybebecause somehow it brings a very large amount of diseases that destroys millions of human lives.
The possible answer of how societies decide what’s right or wrong may be found in observing how...
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