Juego en el aprendizaje del ingles

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  • Publicado : 7 de junio de 2011
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playful activities and didactic materials help students to improve their oral performance by using vocabulary of science and arts



Nowadays education in Colombia has a need in whichare involved both, students and teachers at different levels. The government and various educational programs seek to create a competent system of teaching and learning, which can be recognized nationally and globally, and thus expand an innate talent that has not been exploited. Some countries have opted to develop a multidisciplinary approach study, integrating different disciplines to achieve acommon goal: a faster and more effective learning.

In different developed countries around the world, have been developed some programs for teaching a second language integrating other disciplines and sciences for its better comprehension and also for increase the knowledge received in one class. This is interdisciplinary method is called content based approach, which will be our focus forthis study; the English learning trough the use of sciences.


We as pre-service teachers in ESL are interested in integrating different scientific disciplines such as biology, chemistry, physics and arts in English learning, in order to implement a multidisciplinary approach in Bogotá’s educational context in the second cycle of elementary school, and find a method and an environmentof creativity, in which the learning of these areas is stimulated by teachers and learners together.

Given that the bilingualism as well in Bogotá is not implemented at all, it is also important to observe and evaluate how the process of learning English as a second language is being leant. The initial oncoming of learning a second language is the vocabulary and basic clues to social relations.We also are interested in the manifestation of this process, the process of vocabulary learning through different scientific areas.

Keeping this in mind, we want to participate in the " Propuesta multidisciplinaria para el desarrollo de la creatividad y el aprendizaje lúdico de la ciencia y la tecnología en el segundo ciclo de la educación básica en Bogotá " project because we find reallyinteresting to research and develop the multidisciplinary method in our context, directing education in Bogota and Colombia towards new horizons, new opportunities which can make our country globally competitive and developed in education and culture.

Statement of the problem

Students, no matter the social level have lost the interest on going to schools and learn different sciences andsubjects. Also, the insecurity and many other factors of those places due to the student’s background helps to promote a lack of interest in study, but interest on violence and other social problematic. Focused on the learning of English as a second language, students don’t feel motivated of learning it.

The main problem is that not all the methods that come from foreign countries and that have beensuccessful there, can obtain the same result in Colombia. Our social context is different, and there is needed to find a new way of teaching.
There is needed the development of a new method for teaching English also, in which can be involved other sciences, in order to make an integral teaching; not only English as a second language, but also different sciences. This can be possible taking intoaccount that children need to be motivated, motivated by playful and funny classes, in which they not only learn, but have fun, and make the school a new path for living, a new chance that life gives.

Research Question

← Which playful activities and didactic materials help students to improve their oral performance by using vocabulary of science and arts?

Main Objective

To design...
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