Juegos olimpicos

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  • Publicado : 11 de septiembre de 2012
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1.- When were the Olympic games this year?
They were on July 29th to August 13 th

2.- how many ceremonies were held in the Olympic Gamesthis year?
They were more than five, ceremonies, example: welcoming, opening, prizing, ending,traspassing

3.- Who was the first chilean athlete to be in the O.G.?
He was Luis Subercaseauxof 15 year old.

4.- Which place did Tomás González get?
He got a fourth place

5.-Who was the athlete who made history in theis O.G.?
He was Usain Bolt

6.- Which is the country thatgot most medals ins this O.G.?
It was USA

7.- Who announced retirement form his discipline?
Michael Phelp from swimming

8.- Which goddess appeares in most of the medals?
The goddessNike.

9.- What do Olympic rings represent?
They represent the five continents: Asia , Europe. America, Africa, Oceania

10.- Where did Olympic Games begin?
They began in Greece11.-Which is the tour of the Olympic torch?
It crosses the 5 continents up to the organizing country stadium

12.- Whaat does the torch symbolize?
It symbolizes the yhere sspirit of antiquity13.- When was women´s participation integrated to Olympluic games?
In 1900

14.- Where did the 2012 Olympic Games take place?
In London

15.- Name 10 countries paarticipating in O.G.?Chile, Argentina, Usa, China, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Korea, Japan …

16.- Where and when will be the next O.G.?
In Rio de Janeiro in 2016

17.- Name 10 disciplinespresented in O.G.
Athletism, Swimming, cannoing gimnastics, fencing (esgrima), tennis, weightlifting , football, cycling, archery...

18.- How often are the O.G.celebrated?
Each 4 years.19.- In honour to whom were the O.G. celebrated?
In honour to god Zeus (main greek mithology god)

20.- What prize was given in the ancient games.?
Just the Olive crown, they competed only...
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