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[pic]Cisco Systems

Take Assessment - Final Exam - CCNA 2 Router and Routing Basics Version 3.1


Refer to the graphic. A network administrator has a console connection
to Router A. Pings to Router B are successful, but pings to Routers C
and D fail. What is the first step in troubleshooting the problem?
       Use the show cdp neighbors detail command from router A to gatherinformation about all Cisco routers in the network.
       Use the traceroute command to discover exactly which link in the
network is down.
       Use an extended ping from router A to each router in the network.
       Use the show interfaces command from a Telnet session on router B to
check the connection to router C.

Which of the following commands will correctly configure an extendedACL? (Choose two).
       Router(config)# access-list 18 permit tcp host eq 25
       Router(config)# access-list 102 permit tcp any eq 80
       Router(config)# access-list 187 permit tcp host
[pic] eq 23
       Router(config)# access-list 99 permit host
       Router(config)# access-list 128 permit tcp host192.168.100.31 eq 23

Which two steps describe how to create a functional physical
connection between a router console and a terminal? (Choose two.)
       Use a crossover cable to connect the terminal serial port to the
router console port.
       Use a rollover cable to connect the terminal NIC to the router console port.
       Use an RJ-45 to DB-9 adapter on the terminal serial port toconnect
to the cable going to the router console.
       Use a transceiver to connect a straight-through cable to the router
console port.
       Use a straight-through cable to connect the router console port to
the terminal NIC.
       Use a rollover cable to connect from a terminal serial port to the
router console port.

Which of the following are true regarding the use of loginbanners?
(Choose two.)
       The message is only displayed in privileged EXEC mode.
       The message can be seen by everyone who accesses the router.
       "Good morning" is an appropriate message to display.
       The banners should display warning messages.
       The banners should identify circuits and other devices connected to the router.

Which of the following are primaryfunctions of a router? (Choose two.)
       packet switching
[pic]       microsegmentation
       domain name resolution
       path selection
       flow control


Refer to the graphic. Communication is needed between the LAN
connected to the fa0/0 interface of the Kansas router and the fa0/0
interface of the Maine router. All hosts on those LANs also need
connectivity to the Internet.Which commands will allow this
communication? (Choose three).
       Kansas(config)# ip route
       Kansas(config)# ip route s0/1
       Kansas(config)# ip route s0/1
       Maine(config)# ip route
       Maine(config)# ip route [pic] s0/1
      Maine(config)# ip route


Router A is directly connected to the networks shown in the graphic
and has a default route that points to Router B. All interfaces are
active and properly addressed. However, when the workstation on
network sends a packet to destination address, it is discarded by Router A. What can be a reason for
       The ip classless command is not enabled on Router A.
       Router B is in a different autonomous system than Router A.
       Routers A and B are using different routing protocols.
       Router A has no route in its routing table that includes the address

What are some reasons to change the configuration register setting?
(Choose two.)
       to force the...
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