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  • Publicado : 7 de septiembre de 2012
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* Evelyn Magaly Sánchez Cosavalente

Lic. Julio Vo Rios Soria- English- FADCIP-UNAP

“…. One nation under God, Indivisible,with liberty and justice for all”
This one is an emotive phrase with which there begins the movie.
Mr. Kirkland, is a young lawyer. He was raised by his grandfather who taught him to study law andtaught him to be honest. The film shows the poor administration of justice in the courts. Arthur Kirkland has to his post the case of McCullaugh, a young person who was accused unjustly of I assault atgunpoint. The lawyer investigates and presents evidence to show the innocence of McCullaugh, the court presided by Judge Fleming, who refuses to receive the evidence after the expiration of evidence.Arthur, promises to extract the young person of prison very soon. Fleming is a very despotic and arrogant judge, often treated with contempt the defendants and defense lawyers.
Go to the office ofKirkland, Ralph Agee. He participated in a robbery of a taxi driver. He was sorry and would not go to jail because in jail often treated very badly to homosexuals. The lawyer could not attend thehearing of Ralph, therefore, is sentenced to three years of deprivation of liberty. A few hours of being imprisoned, he commits suicide.
The dr. Kirkland is very bad. He sees a lot of injustice. AMcCullagh, he raped and beaten inside the prison, tired of this, he is revealed, and taken by police officers hostage. The police should kill him for it.
Judge Fleming is accused of rape and physicalassault on a woman he chooses as a lawyer to McCullagh. Dr. investigates the case and checks the guilt of the judge, rather than defend it in court imputed.

1. Evidence
2. Judge3. Court
4. Judgment
5. Theft
6. Violation
7. Aggression
8. Lawyer
9. Fiscal
10. Seclude
11. Justice
12. Witness
13. Accused
14. Background
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