Justicia y venganza

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Justice and Revenge

For these days I have listened ad nauseam for almost all the organizations of human rights, whose competition and invaluable fights I admire and I share to stir these twowords like antithetic. One, JUSTICE, the longing he is acquainted of would represent the truth of the atrocities committed by the genocidal that have desolated different places in order that he punishedthem logically. The other one, REVENGE, apparently demonized, would want to mean that he would not embrace any conducts that is comparable to the crime against humanity that is intended to punish himin the genocidal. As intuitively I never understood the difference between both, if there is a difference, I tried to know about a most academic way your real significances. After the fashion of thedictionary, between other meanings, justice is grief or public punishment. Revenge is answer with an offense or I damage another one received. Then, if to take revenge for is complaining in judgment, wecan assume that revenge, it results from judgment and the punishment that he imposes. And if we understand that justice is grief or the public punishment, where is the difference?
At the bottomboth coincide in being the repair that demands an individual or a society, when somebody violent the standing rules causing a damage as much individual like association. When an individual takes in hishands the repair, talks to each other of Justice for own hand, in the same way we can say that, when the society is who establishes that repair, by means of its institutions and reestablished rules,we are before an act of revenge for account of the society in aggregate. What is chased is both times that repair to the damage that is caused when an individual or an organization transgresses thelaw. When an individual decides to take in his hands justice he makes it with his own rules and methods. Both terms correspond to the same act: Repair of damage. The use of either word only expresses a...
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