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  • Publicado : 1 de noviembre de 2011
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Daniel Vargas 01/24/10

What the World Needs Now is Justice

Asmankind has evolved, almost every aspect of Western Society has improved in
countless ways: how we communicate, transport, study, work, talk, etc. As a whole, we
are a much more civilizedsociety, in contrast with atrocities committed in the past by
empires and nations. It seems as if our world couldn’t possibly achieve a higher level of
communication than its current one.
Nevertheless,this modernized world of ours has given the opposite effect of
positive communication. The general population has slowly become entrapped with its
own technologies, as if every new generation isborn into infinite different ways of
becoming less and less aware of reality and living in an inexistent dimension. Every day
that goes by, people become less aware of the countless problems andhardships faced
by millions of people day by day, unable to fathom the relevance, the vital importance
that being knowledgeable while having basic awareness means to themselves and

A society run by executives and millionaires of the many different media sources
-Internet, Television, Music, Movies, Videogames, Commercials, you name it- can’t
reflect thebasic values of our nation nor the common coexistence and cooperation
goals of those who fight to make this world a better place. And individually, acting
like we have unlimited resources,recklessly wasting gas, food, money, energy on
entirely useless and unneeded goods (just because you can pay for it, doesn’t mean its
infinite). Why is it that on average, Americans consume 200 caloriesmore than needed
by their body, but the stunning amount of 900 million people still go hungry every
night. When analyzing the life level lived by developed countries compared to the rest
of the...
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