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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2012
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Eagles are one of the most dangerous birds in all the world. They are a really important symbol of strength and hope in a lot ofnations, but not only for they big beak or they powerfull claws, or they powerful wings or the acute eyesight, they are considered in that way for the huge desireof life they have.

For centuries they have been recognized as a symbol of freedom, hope, strength and corage. The high spirits, but do we really know whaythey are considered in this way? Well, first of all the eagles always are looking for height, and when she find a place she become that place in her homeforever, she is loyal to her home and their family and she knows when she’s getting old and there it is when she start the most transcendental moment in her life.When the eagles get 40 years they star to lose they strength to fly because they wings start to get heavy, her beak start to get curl and they claws becomevery tight, and there is when she has to chose between die or reborn herself, so what does she do? In her nest she hit hard against a rock her curved beak, andthen she wait until the new beak grow up and with it she tear her claws off, and then with the new claws she start to take off all the feathers of her body.After her renewed process, with all her new body and her new confidence she flies again feeling someone else.
After this painful process the eagle show us alife example, she could choose the dead but she had rather the pain, and countinue with her life. The humans can learn about the lesson the animals show us.
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