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hace 1 mes mostrar ocultar
wtf he is white and says nigger in his songs

DoeJopz hace 1 mesdiggydocman
hace 1 mes 21 @DoeJopz lol b-real's not white

diggydocman hace 1 mes 21 Comentarios mejor puntuados
hace 11 meses 72 Yo this shit was cut from hissolo shit? Dam this shit is better than some of the shit that made the album. Big mistake on that editing decision. B-Real is a one of the most underrated rappers today--hisskills are tight.

blaze9169 hace 11 meses 72 ver todo
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hace 2 horas this is somekindof shit!!!

JoKeRfromGhetto hace 2 horas kagome1308
hace 5 días oczy kobry hahahahah

kagome1308 hace 5 días theselecta
hace 5 días He's human. The skincolour...it's like nose lenght, I don't give a fuck :)

theselecta hace 5 días greenblobo9
hace 5 días @Charlestonthedrummer fucking idiot i meant he is latino you dumbshit noracist

greenblobo9 hace 5 días charliehustlenflow
hace 5 días @DoeJopz dumbass

charliehustlenflow hace 5 días Charlestonthedrummer
hace 5 días @greenblobo9 trollCharlestonthedrummer hace 5 días MrBaphomet666
hace 1 semana @NewClassik He is underrated because when you hear people talk about great mc's B-Real only comes upperiodically. He's a great mc, I wish he wasn't as underrated as he is. Especially when people like Ice Cube, Tupac and Biggie are so overrated.

MrBaphomet666 hace 1 semana
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