Karen horney: strategias neuroticas

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  • Publicado : 26 de mayo de 2010
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The Neurotic Coping Strategies and the 10 neurotic needs proposed by Karen Horney (1900's) can be found in people anywhere from the smallest country convenience store in Gunnison, Utah to a biginvestors meeting in New York City, New York. The concept is, a coping mechanism for different situations dealing with anxiety. An individual going to an interview is asked “what is your worstattribute” and seeking to have a “flawless” interview might say “I'm a perfectionist, and being this way might make me worry and over analyze things at the job”. The individual is hoping thatthe interviewer will think that, even though worrying and over analyzing things might be his worst attribute, in all reality, this attribute would be great in the workplace. Making the individualanswer the question, with no possibility of a bad answer remark for the interviewer. Another example would be that of a retired individual that is well known in the city by his first name andthe workplace and has had a very accomplished life, “admired” for both his job and athletics, moves to another state where nobody knows his accomplishments or even know of him. After a fewmonths, the individual gets depressed and constantly worries about the chance of dying a nobody in this new place. The individual later contacts his old workplace and finds out that there is a highstatus position and the possibility of getting the job is really good. After leaving the new place as a nobody, he returns to his prior city to go back to where he had retired from. When he get'sthere, he has a suit on, hands in pockets, standing tall getting the “admiration” by his peers that he sadly missed. He will not die a nobody in this environment, but right now, is by himselfwhen he gets home at night. The concept of anxiety affects all of in one way or another. This is how we tend to cope with anxiety. We see it everywhere from the school grounds to the workplace.
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