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Probability and x2-test

Name :_______________________________ Date:______________________

1. (4)

2. (2)




4. (3)




c. (3) Calculate

i. P(TV/CD’)

ii. P(TV’/CD)

iii. P(TV/CD)

7. (13) Members of a certain club are required to register forone of three games, billiards, snooker or darts.

The number of club members of each gender choosing each game in a particular year is shown in the table below.

||Billiards |Snooker |Darts |
|Male |39 |16 |8 |
|Female |21 |14|17 |

(a) (13)Use a [pic](Chi-squared) test at the 5% significance level to test whether choice of games is independent of gender. State clearly the null hypothesestested, the expected values, and the number of degrees of freedom used

The following year the choice of games was widened and the figures for that year are as follows:

||Billiards |Snooker |Darts |Fencing |
|Male |4 |15 |8 |10 |
|Female|10 |21 |17 |37 |

(b) (2) If the [pic] test were applied to this new set of data,

(i) why would it benecessary to combine billiards with another game?

(ii) which other game would you combine with billiards and why?

A club member is to be selected at random.

(c) (2)What isthe probability that the club member selected is a

(i) female who chose billiards or snooker?

(ii) male or female who chose darts or fencing?

8. The data in the table...
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