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  • Publicado : 26 de marzo de 2011
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A Pretty Little Liars Novel

Sara Shepard
For MDS and RNS An eye for an eye and the whole world goes blind. —GANDHI

Epigraph How It Really Began 1 And We Thought We Were Friends 2 Hanna 2.0 3 Is There an Amish Sign-Up Sheet Somewhere? 4

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There’s Truth In Wine…Or, In Aria’s Case, Amstel 5 A House Divided 6 Charity Isn’t So Sweet 7 O Captain, My Captain 8 Even Typical Rosewood Boys Soul-Search 9 Someone’s Allowance Just Got a Whole Lot Smaller 10 Abstinence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder 11 Didn’t Emily’s Mother Ever Teach Her Not to Get In Strangers’ Cars? 12 Next Time, Stash Emergency Cover-Up In YourPurse 13 A Certain English Teacher Is Such an Unreliable Narrator 14 Emily’s Perfectly Fine With Taking Ali’s Sloppy Seconds 15 She Steals For You, And This Is How You Repay Her

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16 Nice, Normal, Family Night at the Montgomerys’ 17 Daddy’s Little Girl Has a Secret 18 Surround Yourself with Normal, and Maybe You’llbe Normal Too 19 Watch Out For Girls With Branding Irons 20 Laissez-Faire Means “Hands Off,” Btw 21 Some Secret Admirer… 22 You Can’t Handle the Truth 23 Next Stop, Greater Rosewood Jail 24 $250 Gets You Dinner, Dancing…and a Warning 25 The Surreal Life, Starring Hanna Marin 26 At Least She Doesn’t Have to Sing Backup

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27 Aria Is Available by Prescription Only 28 It’s Not A Party Without Hanna Marin 29 Let It All Out 30 Cornfields are the Scariest Place In Rosewood 31 Like Hanna Would Steal an Airplane—She Doesn’t Even Know How To Fly! 32 Emily Goes to Bat 33 Who’s the Naughty Sister Now? 34 See? Deep Down, Hanna Really Is a Good Girl 35 Special Delivery 36 Just Another Slow News Day In Rosewood 37 StringBracelets are So Out, Anyway

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Acknowledgments What Happens Next… About the Author Other Books by Sara Shepard Credits Copyright About the Publisher

You know that boy who lives a few doors down from you who’s just the creepiest person alive? When you’re on your front porch, about to kissyour boyfriend good night, you might glimpse him across the street, just standing there. He’ll randomly appear when you’re gossiping with your best friends—except maybe it’s not so random at all. He’s the black cat who seems to know your route. If he rides by your house, you think, I’m going to fail my bio exam. If he looks at you funny, watch your back. Every town has a black-cat boy. In Rosewood,his name was Toby Cavanaugh.

“I think she needs more blush.” Spencer Hastings leaned back and examined one of her best friends, Emily Fields. “I can still see her freckles.” “I’ve got some Clinique concealer.” Alison DiLaurentis sprang up and ran to her blue corduroy makeup bag. Emily looked at herself in the mirror propped up on Alison’s living room coffee table. She tilted her face one way,then another, and puckered her pink lips. “My mom would kill me if she saw me with all this stuff on.” “Yeah, but we’ll kill you if you take it off,” warned Aria Montgomery, who was, for her own Aria reasons, prancing around the room in a pink mohair bra she’d recently knitted. “Yeah, Em, you look awesome,” Hanna Marin agreed. Hanna sat cross-legged on the floor and kept swiveling around to checkthat her crack wasn’t sticking out of her low-rise, slightly-too-small Blue Cult jeans. It was a Friday night in April, and Ali, Aria, Emily, Spencer, and Hanna were having one of their typical sixth-grade sleepovers: putting way too much makeup on one another, chowing on salt-and-vinegar kettle chips, and half-watching MTV Cribs on Ali’s flat-screen TV. Tonight there was the added clutter of...
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