Kind of travels

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  • Publicado : 7 de octubre de 2010
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Kind of travels
There are two kinds of travels. The first kind of travel is the business travel, it is when from your work send you to a place out of yourcity to make a business or something like that. The other kind of travel is the pleasure travel , the people do the pleasure travel to visit a relative but anykind of travel always are by the hand of the budget the budget is the money you have to do the trip and how much you can spend on it.
Almost always the budgetgoes together with this questions:
a) How much do I have to spend?
b) Where do you want to go?
c) What do you want to do?
Almost always this question will beby the hand of the number or experience you will have, because you can’t go to the same places with 1,000 than with 10,000 dlrs. Also you can’t travel in thesame class and never will be the same because for go out to trip you need to have money at least for the plane or the bus but if the trip is short in yourcountry and you are brave you can go to your trip in strangers cars but it is dangerous so you must be careful.

Once you know how much you can spend in your trip,where I want to go?, what do you want to do?, and what experience I would like to have.
Now you are ready to go out in a trip than will give you one of themost exciting experience in your live and will give a big source of culture to your life and won’t regret of done it.
Now my advice I could give you is thanwhile you are young you should travel and go party and have fun is the nest of the best you can save money and go out of back packing to have exciting adventures.
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