King arthur

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González 1
Irene González Jimenez
Mrs. Riefkohl
English 10-A
December 10, 2010
King Arthur:

There where many kings that were of great importance to the middle ages. There are storiesabout many kings of England that existed in the middle age and the beginning of the Renaissance period. One of these kings was Arthur. Why is he so important to this period and how does he relates toit? Also, how are the Knights of the Round Table related to the legend of this hero?, and what is the Round Table?

King Arthur was a very important figure in Europe. The legend about this manis mentioned in many books throughout history. The legend said that King Arthur existed for the 5th or 6th century and that the origins of his name still remain a battle of debate because there aremany theories about what really happened. Many say Arthur was a king of Britain who during his kingdom brought prosperity to his country or that he was a Roman military leader who fought along with theKnights of the Round Table for their freedom, for equality and also to protect Britain from the Saxons. The knights and Arthur followed the code of Chivalry to lead their way into their battles.Others see Arthur as a god, because stories say he could do things no one could do. The legend of King Arthur is one of the most famous in world history and literature and throughout this essay it willGonzález 2
be proved that King Arthur did exist, but it will also be proved that most of the stories about him are not true.

The legend of King Arthur became very popular during theRomantic Era. During this period many stories were created about romantic heroes. One of the stories was the Arthurian Legend. The legends in this period talked about romantic heroes on a quest andfighting their way to fulfill this quest. They had to follow a code of Chivalry which included:
• honor
• honesty
• values
• loyalty
• humbleness...
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