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The King of Mazy.
WALT MASTERS is not a very large boy, but there is manliness in his make-up, and he himself, although he does not know a great deal that most boys know, knows much that other boysdo not know. He has never seen a train of cars or an elevator in his life, and for that matter, he has never once looked upon a corn-field, a plow, a cow, or even a chicken. He has never had a pair ofshoes on his feet, or gone to a picnic or a party, or talked to a girl. But he has seen the sun at midnight, watched the ice-jams on one of the mightiest of rivers, and played beneath the northernlights, the one white child in thousands of square miles of frozen widerness.
     Walt has walked all the fourteen years of his life in sun-tanned, moose-hide moccasins, and he can go to the Indiancamps and "talk big" with the men, and trade calico and beads with them for their precious furs. He can make bread without baking-powder, yeast or hops, shoot a moose at three hundred yards, and drivethe wild wolf-dogs fifty miles a day on the packed trail.
     Last of all, he has a good heart, and is not afraid of the darkness and loneliness, of man or beast or thing. His father is a good man,strong and brave, and Walt is growing up like him. His father is a good man, strong and brave, and Walt is growing up like him. Walt was born a thousand miles or so down the Yukon, in a trading-postbelow the Ramparts. Walt was well able to stay by himself in the cabin, cook his three meals a day, and look after things. Walt crept along the snow at the rim of the creek and saw them change manystakes, destroy old ones, and set up new ones. In the afternoon, with Walt always trailing on their heels, they came back down on the creek, unharnessed their dogs, and went into camp within two claims ofhis cabin. Walt's father had taken their own dogs with him prospecting, and the boy knew how impossible it was for him to undertake the seventy miles to Dawson without the aid of dogs. Gaining the...
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