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Monera Kingdom
They are single-cellular organisms. They have prokaryotic cells. The basic structure of the monera kingdom is cytoplasm, cell membrane. They can live alone or in groups & theycan live everywhere. The monera kingdom organisms can move on their own. They reproduce asexually by fission or sexually by conjugation. They are consumers & they get their energy by breaking downdead organisms. They are consumers too because some of them take energy from the sun.
There are two types of bacteria:
* Eubacteria: Live in neutral conditions, both aerobic & anaerobic
*Archaebacteria: Live in extreme conditions & they are anaerobic
They can help the environment by:
* Help digest food
* Produce antibodies
* Make food
* Breakdown dead organismsThey can harm the environment:
* Some are Parasites
* Produce sickness

Fungi Kingdom
They are multi-cellular organisms. They have eukaryotic cells. Their basic structure ishyphae(thread-like tubes). They can live in warm or humid places & they live in groups. The fungi kingdom organisms can’t move on their own. Fungi can reproduce asexually and sexually. They are consumers(bycreating spores that grow into a new organism). They are classified in groups by their spores.
There are 3 types of fungi:
* Zygote
* Sac Fungi
* Club Fungi

They can help theenvironment by:
* It is used to make medicines
* It is a food source
* Decompose our waste

They can harm the environment by:
* Some cause disease in plants

Plant kingdom
Theyare multi-cellular organisms. They have eukaryotic cells. Their basic structure is tube-like. They live in groups & they can live everywhere. They cannot move on their own. They reproduce asexually.They are producers (by photosynthesis). It doesn’t harm the environment.
There are 2 types of Plants:
* Vascular: can transport water throughout themselves
* Nonvascular:  lack tissues...