Kinsey video

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Paola García
Psychology 7A – 7B
Extra Credit
May 25 2010
Kinsey Video

In class we watched a video of the American biologist who founded the institute for sex research. His worked causedcontroversy and criticism. But I have always thought he was brave to do research on a taboo like sex. Sex has always been around but it became a taboo and a prohibit topic during the Dark Ages ofEurope.
One of the biggest controversies about Kinsey’s work was that further into his research there were rumors that he was homosexual, for the time this was a huge controversy because he was marriedand a respectable scientific. This could destroy his carrier. I believe he was product of a stereotype imposed by society. Men of that time had to get married have a family. Their wife’s would stay athome raise the kids and men would make the respectable carries that would bring them to a respectable place in society. But are these the enough reasons for marriage? Or to have a family? I believe alot of the biggest Scientifics have suffered from these same problems. To mention one that I know in depth Freud, I think his addiction to cocaine, his depression, and his unhappy marriage was becausehe was homosexual and he was in love with one of his closest friends who he wrote constantly. This has never been proven but there are some biographers that believe this as well.
Now I also believethat Kinsey’s interest and what drove him to be a sex researcher was his own position in life as well. Many of researchers and psychologist start in their own fields because they need to have anunderstanding on their own self. Maybe I am wrong stating this, but I know this was the reason I have always wanted to be a psychologist I was intrigued with a lot of things in my life, my family andsociety.
Also something that since I was a girl intrigued me was dreaming. I have always suffered from nightmares and weird dreams that I cant explain. But it was in my shop more year in high school...
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