Kiss Of The Spider Woman

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* Nacio en Havana en 1853
* When he was 17 he was exiled to spain because of his opposition to colonial rule
* Graduated from university of Saragossa and moved to mexico city
*Eventually he returned to cuba but was banished again
* Fled exile in spain and came to New York
* He spent a year in new york and left to go to Venezuela to live forever but he left because of adictatorship
* He went back to new york and lived there from 1881 to 1895
* He left new york in 1895 to go fight for Cuban independence and muere en febrero al participar en una frustradainvasion de la isla

* Dedico su vida a la causa de la libertad y independencia politica para cuba y independencia intellectual para todo hispanoamericano
* When he came back to new york in 1881he joined General Calixto Garcias Cuban revolutionary committee
* The committee was made up of exiled Cubans who wanted independence for cuba
* He worked as a newspaper reporter and was acorrespondent for La Nacion of Buenos Aires and other Cuban American journals such as La Opinion Liberal (en mexico city)
* He wrote poems and translated novels to Spanish
* He worked forAppleton and Company and on his own he translated and published Helen Hunt Jackson’s Ramona
* His newspaper Patria became the official organ of the Cuban Revolutionary Party
* His works all preachedthe freedom of cuba with enthusiasm
* There was some tension between the revolutionary committee
* Marti thought it was very important that a military dictatorship was not established incuba upon independence
* He thought General Maximo Gomez has intentions of a military dictatorship
* His essay “Nuestra America” was published in new yorks Revista Ilustrada
* His wifearrived in new york in 1891 but then realized that his dedication to Cuban independence was much greater than his dedication to his family so she returned to Havana with her son- marti never saw them...
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