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  • Publicado : 11 de diciembre de 2010
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Took in two 2-piece skirt suits and 4 blouses on 8/25/10 to be dry cleaned. The pieces were picked up 8/27/10. The pieces had various noticeable problems with them: 1) there was a strange smell onall the garments 2)the sleeve buttons on all 3 collar-shirts had been damaged to the point where they were disfigured 3) the collar-shirts were wrinkled. I and the other client (owner of a suit and 2shirts) went to speak with the employee who had received and delivered the order and we showed her the buttons, the lack of proper pressing, and let her know about the strange smell. We asked herabout a refund policy because we had not been given what he had paid for. She instructed us that for any type of refund conversation we would have to talk to the owner. There was no refund policy ondisplay just a sign that said if any issues arise to call a number. She let us know that they could replace the buttons and re-dry clean the items. We told her we would like to speak with the owner firstbecause we were not comfortable with again putting our garments through the same process that had damaged them and would prefer a refund. Jenny gave us the number for the owner and we called from thedry cleaners. This was done at 3:59 PM. We left the garments there and agreed that the owner would call us when he got there. This happened at 5:06 PM. Both I and the other client drove and met himthere by 5:20PM. Walking in, the owner confronted us with an aggressive and dismissive tone. He did not let me finish speaking before he interrupted me and told me that the clothing smelled like perfumeand that it was clean (further discussion below). He acknowledged that the buttons had been damaged and that the pieces had not been pressed properly but that dry cleaning services were likehospitals, and were not always able to get everything right. During the beginning of the conversation he, very aggressively, told us that he had waited thirty minutes or more for us to show up at the dry...
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