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  • Publicado : 5 de diciembre de 2010
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Have you ever felt like someone is watching you, have you ever been in a room where you are being taped?
Cameras should not be installed inthe classroom of BIC, because of a series of reasons and arguments, such as security and possible problems in the future, which will be explained throughout this essay.
To prove my reasonsand arguments I will use examples of counter-effects and testimonies why cameras can be bad.

Even though, cameras may seem useful to keep control on students, this can also have manycounter-effects.
Is it worth risking so much for some tapings?
For example some students may feel like Big Brother, an authoritarian leader and invader of privacy, is watching them.
Cameras can beconsidered invasion of privacy and students can feel uncomfortable and their learning environment would be disturbed.
The following was a student’s response to whether cameras should be installed inthe classrooms: “I would not like cameras to be installed in my classroom, because I feel stalked… Like someone is watching me…”
This simple statement can lead to a theory: Students who are tapedmight develop emotional damage such as paranoia in the future.

In addition to this theory, students should be given a type of freedom that involves not having cameras so that they can develop skills asin learning to say the truth as they face peer pressure.
Some students, can have a breakdown if they don’t learn to face peer pressure and say the truth when they are dealing with somethingimportant.
Also cameras affect children immensely, since this is like teaching children that there is always someone looking out for you, this can be considered as teaching them to be dependent on someone.Another reason why cameras should not be installed is security.
It is important to consider these videos might land in the wrong hands and terrible things might hands if an outsider with bad...
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