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Google less than one half. JupiterResearch (2008) During the next five years, the US will add about 20 million Internet users. Meanwhile, Western Europe will gain 40 million, and China 90 million. JupiterResearch (2008) 52% of internet consumers will buy ONLY at websites where the information is presented in their language. Common Sense Advisory (2006) The EU enlargement in 2004increased its official languages from 11 to 20. European Commission The total of online users in China in 2009 will be 234 million. JupiterResearch (2008) The EU has 23 official languages and three alphabets. European Commission In 1978, the European Commission began using Systran machine translation technology. TAUS Nearly 86 percent of translation buyers outsource most or all of theirtranslation needs to external language services providers. Common Sense Advisory (2007) The growth of the language services industry is shown in the average 10-19 percent growth in employees in 2007-2008. GALA (2008) In Brazil, imported software must be supported by hardware developed locally. CSU Chico (2007) More than 86 percent of GALA companies have increased work volume in the last year.GALA (2008) Companies should start with English on their websites and then move to Japanese with its 13.2% of world electronic GDP. Common Sense Advisory (2007) Hispanics in the USA are 67% Mexican origin, 14.3% Central or Latin American, 8.5% Puerto Rican, 3.7% Cuban, and 6.6% from other origins. U.S. census (2000) Software marketed in France must be in French. CSU Chico (2007) Themarket for outsourced language services was over US $9 billion worldwide in 2006, growing at 7.5 percent per year to US $12billion in 2010. Common Sense Advisory (2006) 65% of multinational enterprises believe localization is either important or very important for achieving higher company revenues. CSU Chico (2007) Language pairs handled by language service providers increased by 43percent in the last two years. GALA (2008) Fifty-six percent of Europeans speak at least one language in addition to their mother tongues. Eurobarometer (2008) Germany will be the largest European market in 2011, with 58 million online users, followed by the UK with 46 million. JupiterResearch (2008) In late 2007, the European Commission made its multilingual translation memory in 22 languagesaccessible to the public in 22 languages. European Commission In the state of California, 19 million people speak English, 8 million people speak Spanish, and 800,000 people speak Chinese. MLA (2005) In 1960, the US Air Force used IBM-developed Mark II language translator to translate Russian to English. TAUS While legal issues restrain 80% of companies when entering a new market, only11% see it as a substantial barrier. CSU Chico (2007) A share of 35 percent of Romanians consider that their household’s purchasing power has increased over the last five years. Eurobarometer (2008) In the last two years, forty-two percent of GALA members have accommodated a new language pair never handled before. GALA (2008) In 1977, TAUM Méteo began using machine translation for Canadianweather bulletins English to French 45K words a day with little post-editing. TAUS There are six languages that make up 88 percent of the "global wallet" for online spending. Common Sense Advisory (2007) The average number of languages for the top 10 global brands is almost 30. JupiterResearch (2008) In 1997, AltaVista Babelfish were launched on the Internet using Systran, with 500Krequests a day. TAUS Thirty-seven percent of all large US companies have not translated their website content into any other language. JupiterResearch (2008) A total of 1,600 people work for the EU directorate general for translation, making it the largest EU department. guardian.co.uk The leading global websites now support an average of 35 languages. John Yunker The Journal of Machine...