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  • Publicado : 3 de noviembre de 2010
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Dialogo ingles

Camp rock!!

Personajes: Mitchie Torres / Tess Tyler / Caitlyn Gellar / Margaret Duprre / (extra) Ella Pador

-Mitchie: wau! isespectacular.
-Caitlyn: yes! Is normal, his mom acts in broadway.
-Mitchie: broadway? Wau!
-Caitlyn: Yes, but of here it does not impress the boys, only it imports themoney, because of it Tess always directs the camp ......
Brilliant speaking about the witch here it comes.

-Tess: Hello claitlyn do your parents sing in aship, truth?
-Claitlyn: Actually they work in...
-Mitchie: Hello I am mitchie
-Tess: Hoo! Hello I am called Tess Tylor
-Mitchie: I know it! Wau adore your mom-Tess: How to all
-Mitchie: I am mitchie Torres
-Margaret: hey! , you are a daughter of Nicky Torres the composer, my father I mount one of his shows.
-Ella: Then, that it does?
-Mitchie: It sells computers ........ but my mom
-Tess: yes?
-Margaret: What?
-Mitchie: It is the presidente of joc-tun tv, inChina, yes heheh ... there is a great market in this place
-Tess: wau!.....
-Ella: super
-Margaret: Fantastic! Hey! .. and you have seen celebrities
-Mitchie:haa.. Haaa yes, to the whole world, last summer I went out in three musical videoes ... yes but they do not manage me to see I am in the bottom
TODAS: wau!
-Tess:Girls, are thinking how I?
-Margaret: Clear that yes!
-Ella: Certainly! .. about that we think?
-Tess: Uff ... in our cabin there is another bed, is yours ifyou want it
-Mitchie: Indeed?
-Tess: Clear, we go big friends do ..... you know we have our own special section
Caitlyn: I am nice, thank you for his interest