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  • Publicado : 31 de enero de 2012
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Tab Slide Out
A jQuery slide out tab for creating a feedback form, contact info, or any content which is revealed using a sliding animation by clicking on a tab. Based on William Paoli'soriginal code, found here.

This version offers all the same features and benefits as originally coded but also allows you to customise several parts of the tab and slide out panel including the use ofa background image in the panel. This DEMO version shows the extension in use.

This extension has 3 property areas that can be customised:- Slide Out Panel Content, Slide Out PanelStyling and Tab Styling. 1. Slide Out Panel Content – This section manages the slide out panel content.. Panel Content – This uses the HTML Textbox extension, thereby allowing you to enter any valid HTMLinto the slide out panel. Line Height – An additional setting to manipulate line height/spacing. NB. The HTML Textbox extension must be installed. 2. Slide Out Panel Styling – Controls the slide outpanel style. Panel Padding – A value to manage the padding around the content. Panel Width – The value to set the width of the panel. Background Colour – Sets a background colour if no image isspecified. Panel Background Image – Sets a background image. Panel Border Size – Sets the border size. Panel Border Colour – Sets the border colour. Speed of Animation – Sets how fast or slow the slide outpanel moves. 3. Tab Styling – This section looks after the Tab. Tab Image – Specifies the image used for the tab. Click or Hover – Used to set clickable tab or hover tab. Tab Image Height/Width –These setting should match the dimensions of your tab image. Tab Location – Sets the location of the tab – options are top, bottom, left and right.

Top Position (use if Location is left or right) –When you have set the Tab Location to LEFT or RIGHT you enter a value here to position the tab on the page.

Your web page

LEFT has been selected so you specify a value in this property to decide...
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