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  • Publicado : 7 de diciembre de 2009
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The authors of this book, James C.Collins and Jerry I.Porras made a research of the most important companies of the world looking after their grow up and their evolution. These companies are working in the business world more or less one hundred year. This is the reason of the authors chose this kind of companies to analyze the beginningand the actual situation of each one.

Comparing with the other books that I have read before, I have to say that this style of book is interesting to learn. The comparison was made for the authors between the top competitors companies in the world. It makes me think about them and it was very understandable. Also there are many messages for the CEOs, managers and entrepreneurs that are veryrisk in content.

The main question in this book is “what makes truly great companies different from other companies?”

Nowadays we are thinking in have good ideas or visionary ideas to make effort of the crisis times that we have, but after I have read this book I came up with more ideas. I realized that having a visionary idea you could make more business in the future, becausemaybe is one thing that is not yet in the market.

However the difficulties will come later. When this visionary idea is growing up and the years are passing how we can maintain the company up to date? All of the companies need some values or main goals to follow the business in the correct way. We know that the main thing is to make profits for the company but we have to take on mind themost important meaning of the business, which is our production. Moreover, like the test says to follow in generation the values of the company, will make us able to face up every difficulties that we could have in the future market.

Like I have read from the book, it could be possible also not to have a visionary idea and to grow up a very profitable company. I have resumed like the mainidea is how they evolved the company. How did they begin and then why some of them are still working and others are in the bankrupt situation? Even though they had similar beginnings.

Maybe the core ideology makes different the evolution of each company. For example IBM attained its greatest success and it adapts to a changing world during the same time that displayed its strongestcult-like culture. In other words the product that the company sells is not the most important thing, because the new technologies may change it in a few years. It could be more important the idea of the business that the company has with the customers, because they are the most important thing in the business.

The idea of profitability is also very interesting. The test says that the profitsare like oxygen, food, water and blood for the body, without them, there is no life. I would like to ad that the profits are also the main thing to encourage the people to work harder. They are investing their time in a project. All the women and men business are looking after for the profits.

However, the company is prepared to hill, raise or evolve an idea sometimes they go byunfocused ways. Also it happens when we are planning our projects. We have many ideas but we don´t focus any idea to make action. Our company cannot raise without any main goal. We need something special to encourage the team in the same time.

This is also the main idea that I took from the book. Nowadays we live in an unresponsively world without respect, enthusiasm and only the money isimportant in our lives. From the point of view of cooperative world I find similar ideas with the core values that appear in this book. The core values still survive today; the values would still be retained. Actually we need people who came up with visionary ideas but also we need people to work in an efficiently way with all of their passion. It doesn´t matter if actually we have a visionary leader,...