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It all started when we were going to a birthday party. This party was celebrated in a in a large party room located in Palermo. As we were preparing to leave for Martin's birthday, we were eatinghamburgers and drinking some beers. We were all very happy and fun. However, this changed when John proposed to bring some hidden alcohol at the party. We opposed because we think about the consequencesthat could be. Then, he said that if anything happened he would take charge but assure that the place pathovar not find it. When we got to the party, had a long line to enter and people commentedthat the door had no hidden alcohol problem to pass. However, luck does not accompany John and the people who was in charge of security at the site asked him to show what he had in his. Then my bestfriend was caught with a bottle of whisky under his. At that time, he started a heated discussion with the pathovar because they refused to permit access. Suddenly, the discucion join growing more andmore people and had a rather tense atmosphere. So, my best friend started to push the security of the place and they beat him and pulled out. at the site began a big fight with the same birthday peoplewho attacked my friend for creating a disturbance and delays to enter. immediately we took him to the hospital because he had injuries all over his body. The doctors cured his wounds and prescribedsome drugs. The next day, we call to martin to explain the situation we had experienced. he apologized for what happened and offered us celebrate again by a snack at her house. Fortunately, John hasimproved his injuries and is now only a bad memory.

John's misfortune began when he led a party at his house because his parents were out of the country. In the invitation, he said that each bringsomething of alcoholic beverages to drink during the night. The party was amazing but the house was very messy. Then, the next day left me with helping him clean up the mess. The order was in charge of...
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