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  • Publicado : 15 de enero de 2012
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Instituto Jean Piaget del Río, A. C.
BEO 2011

“Purifying water with Moringa Oleífera seeds”

The students from Instituto Jean Piaget Del Río will help acommunity with low resources to improve their nutrition at a low cost with the help of Moringa plant. Crushed Moringa leaves are extremely rich in amino acids, and minerals; which are essential forpeople health.

The persons who are involved in this project are 6 students who will present the project next April, 3 teachers and the 13 remaining students participating in the BEO 2011. The idea ofworking in this project was originally given by Mr. Leopoldo Martinez, which is an exoert We have been also strongly supported by inventors and researchers from the Autonomous University of Sinaloa;Mr. Leopoldo Martinez and Mr. Antonio Zavala. Besides, the students of Secondary school are willing to help in the process.

If the outcome is clear, people will no longer be depending on expensivemeans of water purification.

Continuous studies will show if this method can diminish water pollution. We will run tests on the water to verify if it is safe to drink by comparing it with otherpurifying companies’ water. We will teach the process to the community so that they could be able to use it domestically and benefit their own families from it. We will be able to measure it in terms ofthe number of families who will be taught on the process.

Fortunately, the school owns a field to plant the seeds and will help in the process of planting and harvesting the seeds. There is achemistry lab where the first tests could be done, and we have the help of the University of Sinaloa to do more detailed laboratory tests.

The deadlines to be working in the project will be as following:|27th October 2010 |Plant moringa trees at school. |
|26th November 2010 |Research on the...
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