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  • Publicado : 21 de noviembre de 2011
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Accenture began in 1942 as Administrative Accounting Group, the consulting am of accounting firm Arthur Andersen. In 1989, it lanched as a separate business unit focused on It consulting bearing thename Andersen Consulting. At that time, thought it was eaming 1$ billion annually, Andersen Consulting had low brand awareness among information technology consultancies and was commonly mistaken forits accounting corporate parent. To build its brand and separate itself from the accounting firm with it shared a name, Andersen Consulting lanched the first large-scalle advertising campaign in theprofessional services area. By the end of the decade, it was the world's largest management and technology consulting organization.
In 2000, following arbitration against its former parent, AndersenConsulting was granted its full independence from Arthur Andersen but at the price of relinquuishing the Andersen name. Andersen Consulting was given three months to find a name that was trademarkablein 47 countries, effective and inoffensive in over 200 languages, and acceptable to employees and client and that corresponded with an available URL. The effort that followed was one of the largestand most successful rebranding campaigns in corporate history.
As luck would have it, the company's new name came from a consultant at the company's Oslo office, who submitted Accenture as part of aninternal name-generation initiative dubbed Brandstorming. The consultant coined the Accenture name because it rhymed with adventure and connoted an accent on the future. The name also retained the ACof the original Andersen Consulting name (echoing the Ac.com Web site), which would help the firm retain some of its former brand equity. On midnight, December 31, 200, Andersen Consulting officiallyadopted the Accenture name and launched a global mareting campaign targeting senior executives at Accenture's client and prospects, all Accenture parthers and employees, the media, leading industry...
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