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KM Literature Review
* The different channels of university-industry knowledge transfer: Empirical evidence from Biomedial Engineering. January 2006
* Reginald Brennenraedts, RudiBekkers & Bart Verspagen
* Gestion del conocimiento: modelo para la evaluacion de la transferencia de conocimiento en la relación de cooperación Universidad-Empresa
* Haydee Rincon de Parra* Using Action Researcj for Complez Research Initiatives. 2009
* Marde Freedd and Louis Coetzee. Meraka Institute of the CSIR
* An empirical study of the effects of social capital oninter-firm knowledge transfer and innovation performance. 2009
* Kang kai, Lv ingyn & Zhang Jie,
* Action research for practicing managers. 2009.
* Steven French
* Action research andorganization development.
* Peter Reason and Kate Louise McArdle.
* Participatory action research: a winning strategy for KM
* Gillian Ragsdell. 2009
KM Literature Review
*Knowledge market Design form the outside in
* Hind Benbya, Marshall van Alstyne
* Inter-organizational nerworks for knowledge sharing and trading.
* Gregoris Mentzas, DimitrisApostolon, Kostas Kafentzis & Panos Georgolios
* Institutions, Properly Rights and Markets – The case of Knowledge Markets. September 3, 2007
* Olivier Weinstein
* The model of knowledgemarket trade based on knowledge net. 2008
* Huang Zhe, Liu xisong
* Knowledge Market Design: A field Experiment at Google Answers. November 24, 2008.
* Yan Chen, Teck-Hua Ho & Yong-MiKim
* F.A. von Hayek. The Use of Knowledge in Society. September 1945.
* Constructing internal knowledge markets: considerations from mini cases. 2003
* Kevin C. Desouza, Yukika Awazu* Towards an Information Ontology for Knowledge Asset Trading
* Andreas Abecker, Dimitris Apostolou, Jasmin Franz, Wolfgang Maass, Gregory Mentzas, Christian Reuschling, Sylvio Tabor....
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