Knowing a bit the monagas state

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Knowing a bit the Monagas state

Tourism in your region
Venezuela is the most accessible of the South American countries. With cheap flights from both Europe and the USA and an excellent road network, the incredible diversity of the Venezuelan landscape is well within the reach of most travelers. however, for the Venezuelan tourism in your country is very expensive due to high levels ofinflation.
Close to 90 percent of the population lives in the northern part of the country, while the rest of the land features great tracts of wilderness and maintains to explore; there is something for everyone. Monagas is the State Plainsman of East, in constant development, Borders in the northern part on Sucre, in the eastern part on Delta Amacuro, in the southern part on Bolivar and Anzoáteguiand in the western part on Anzoátegui.
Maturín, founded in 1760 by Monk Lucas of Saragossa, it(he,she) takes the name of the chief who died on having faced the conquerors. It is a city of great growth principal pole of the petroleum development and great commercial activity. The costs of life are enough high place owed principally to the growth and the installation of the petroleum fields.
Themain economical activity is the exploitation of oil. Many towns as Punta de Mata, El Tejero, Temblador live on this activity.
Other towns as Caripe and San Antonio lived on agriculture and livestock farming. Coffee is planted in the areas next to the towns of Caripe and San Antonio. Cocoa is being cultivated near to Caripito. Maize, tomato, sugar-cane, tobacco, banana, rice, yucca and tropicalfruits can be obtained in other areas. Cattle are concentrated in the southern and western parts of Monagas, where there are great extensions of savannas and plateaus.The state has a lot of forests where woods can be obtained.Because of the oil exploitation Maturín is a main commercial and banking centre in the east of Venezuela.

Monagas state has a culture very similar to other easternstates of Venezuela. Natives of Monagas share with the population of the eastern states the quick manner of speaking the Spanish language, the food, some musical rhythms as the galerón or el Joropo, typical clothing as Liquiliqui of Los LLanos and the veneration for the Virgin of El Valle.

Typical dishes of Monagas state are arepa (a kind of bread made of maize), cachapa (an omelettemade of maize), casabe, empanada, mondongo (a kind of soup), queso de mano (a kind of cheese),jalea de guayaba (guayaba jelly), carne en vara (meat grilled on a stick). Fish are a very important food for the cuisine of a native of this state. In Christmas is traditional to eat hallacas, pan de jamón(ham bread), torta negra (black cake), ensalada de gallina (hen salad), dulce de lechoza ( papayasweet). In the holy week cuajado de morrocoy is a typical dish for the belief that is profane to eat meat in these days.

Typical dances of Monagas state are el Baile del Mono (Monkey’s Dance), holds on each 28 December in the town of Caicara and el Baile de la Culebra (Snake’s Dance), celebrated in the town of Ipure next to San Antonio of Maturín.

With this information that I havepresented, I would like to motivate them to doing tourisms in our region, to know every corner of our dear land and to be able to reach a bit to the tourism in our region. I invite them, thank you very much


Alexis Lezama Ricardo Delgado
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Junio, 2011

Venezuela es la más accesible de los países sudamericanos. Con vuelos baratos tanto de Europa como de los...
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