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A Summary of the TOURNAMENT R U L ES (from Article 24 to37) ES
articles (The articles preceding 24 have been left out because they do not relate to the match rules) 1. out Any direct attack using a punch, kick, elbow, headbutt, throw etc. which knocks the opponent out shall resul K・ ), "WAZA-ARI",YUKOU"、 result in victory by IPPON ( K・O ), or number of "WAZA-ARI",YUKOU"、"KOUKA" as with asuccessful strangle hold or joint technique. 2. 3. 4. 5. Face protectors must be worn and techniques are to be executed with bare hands and feet. Note: Fist supporters approved by committee may be used. The match will not be stopped every time a technique connects so as to make fullest use of match time to decide the outcome ( except for a KOKA point or higher. See Art.24 later) later) throws This is a“well-rounded” contest allowing punches, kicks, and throws, as well as strangle and joint well-rounded” contest Art.28、 techniques. KIME after a throw will also be regarded as an effective technique. (see Art.28、30) technique. noGrand techniques ( strangle and joint techniques, as well as no-contact punches to the head from the punches mount position ) will be allowed twice, for a maximum of 30seconds each technique during every 3 minutes resee of the original match, extension or re-extension, or rematch. ( see Art 4.note .4 ) 6 technique, In case of a strangle or joint technique, the chief referee will not award IPPON, even when the technique says MAITTA MAITTA” appears to be effective, until the competitor says “MAITTA or signals surrender by either tapping the mat, consciousness.(themselves or their opponent with the hand or foot at least twice or loses consciousness.( See Art.25d ) Art.25 7. divided SCALE”, All competitors will be divided into ⑦ divisions according to their “PHYSICAL INDEX SCALE , which is the PHYSICAL sum of weight figure in KG and height figure in CM. Division category are as follows: ➀under 230 ②230 240〜under250④250〜 260〜 〜under240 ③240〜under250④250〜under260⑤260〜under270 ➅ 270over ⑦Woman ( under 230 ) 23 8. If the difference in Physical Index ( height in cm + weight in kilo ) is 20 or more, both competitors may kick kilo attacks to the groin, and if the difference is 30 or more, attacks to the groin with a fist or open hand will also be mus allowed ( but a groin protector must be worn ). ( See groin Art.36, note 1 ) Catergorycompetition individual 9.The WEIGHT Catergorycompetition will be awarded to the individual with the most points, chosen from competitor's among the four division winners by adding up each competitor's points earned in competition up to and dividing tition, including the finals, and dividing by the number of matches. participated in .The OPEN Category competition, competi 3rd and 4th places, as well as 5th through 8thplaces shall be decided in the same way. Points shall be awarded. awarded. As follows: ●Winning by IPPON = 5 points WAZA. YUKOU ● Winning by predominance of WAZA.-ARI = 4 ●Winning by predominance of YUKOU = 3 ● Winning by predominance ●Winning match=1 =1point predominance of KOKA = 2 ●Winning based on the contests of the match=1point ● Winning by default will not receive any points and will not becounted in the total number of matches. ATTENTION ATTENTION “ TAIRYOKU SHISUU (PYSICAL INDEX SCALE) ” is a scale to eliminate the unfairness of the “weight system weight system” which has been used in many fighting sports for the last century. Even today the “weight system is used in all weight system” Unfortunately, striking sport competitions. Unfortunately, a competitor who weighs the same as hisopponent but is shorter than his opponent, has a potential disadvantage. For instance in such sports as wrestling, judo, and sumo, a competitor’s the competitor s weight has much effect on the result of victory, but in striking sports such as boxing, muaithai, and reach” karate, “reach in relation to height has much effect on the result of victory. As this KUDO has two aspects, one reach...
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