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Three Klan
First KKK
The first Klan was founded in 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee by veterans of the Confederate Army. Although it never had an organizational structure above the locallevel, similar groups across the South adopted the name and methods. The Klan tried to restore white supremacy by threats and violence, including murder, against black and white Republicans.
Second KKKIn 1915, the second Klan was founded and remained a small organization in Georgia. The second KKK preached Americanism and purification of politics, with a heavy tone of racism, anti-Catholicism,anti-Communism, nativism, and anti-Semitism. Some local groups took part in attacks on private houses, and carried out other violent activities. These were generally in the South.
Third KKK
The "KuKlux Klan" name was used by many independent local groups opposing the Civil Rights Movement and desegregation, especially in the 1950s and 1960s. During this period, they often forged alliances withSouthern police departments or with governor's offices.
Today, a large majority of sources consider that the Klan is a "subversive or terrorist organization".
Among the more notorious murdersby Klan members:
* In 1951, the home of NAACP activists Harry and Harriett Moore was bombed on Christmas Eve in Mims, Florida, resulting in their deaths.
* In 1957, Willie Edwards wasmurdered, he was forced to jump to his death from a bridge into the Alabama River.
* In 1963, a church was bombed in Birmingham, Alabama, four African-American little girls were killed.
* In 1964,three civil rights workers Chaney, Goodman, and Schwerner were murdered in Mississippi. The movie “Mississippi burning” was based in this murder.
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1. You must be afree white male or female of European descent, at least 18 years of age. (we do verify age)
3. You must not be married to or date people of other races, nor have mixed race dependants, this includes...
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