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  • Publicado : 20 de noviembre de 2011
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Gud morning miss and clas, I’am going to talk abaut the transformers muvi. Transformers is my feivoret muvi, for the plot, actors, cars, saund quality, and pro pleyers to be one of thebest saians ficshon felm aiv sin sou far. Transformer is 2007 american saians ficshon acshon felm, beist on the transformer toy lain. The felm, wich combains compiuter animeishon withlaib acshon, is directet by michael bay and prodiust by steven spielberg, it star shie lebuf as sam witwicky a tineiger envolt in a war bituin the heroic autobots and te iveldecepticons, two facshon of alien robots who can disgays control of the allspark, abject that crieiret, their robotic reis, with the intenshon of iusing it to bild an army by giveng life to themachins of erth. Megan Fox, josh duhamel, tyres gibson, jon voight, anthony anderson and john turturro olso star, while vois actors peter cullen and hugo weaving vois optimus prime andmegatron respectivel.

Decepticons are: Blackout, scorpnok, frenzy, barricade, starscream,, brawl, boncrusher, megatron.
Autobots are: bumblebee, jazz, optimus, ironhide, ratchet.Transformer was a box ofis sikses despait mixt critical riacshon to the radical ridesings of the kerecters and revius critisainsing, the focus on the humans at the expens of the robots.It is the thirty sevent must siksasfol felm rilist and the faift must siksasfol of 2007, grousing eiproximetly seven hundred nain milion dollars worldwaid. The film won four awardsfrom the vishual efécts sosaity and was nomineiret for three academy awards for best saunt, best vishual efect and best saunt editing. The felm spont a sequel, transformers 2: revange ofthe follen, wich was rileist on June 24, 2009 to negativ revius mor than its predecesor. A third and fainal felm is set to relis on july 1, 2011 in 3-D “transformer 3: dark of the moon”
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