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López Echeto is a company that was founded in 1941, and they are known for their famous Piedras del Teide. Their products are also very itraditional at christenings,birthdays, holly communions and weddings in The Canary Islands. They also have more products such as Piedras Doradas and Canarian Chocolate Bananas.
And because of theirreputation they have won several awards in the pastry industry.
They started to export in 2000. Before the year 2000 they only sold nationally, but they found new customersfrom several countries such as Canada, Mexico, Japan but the most clients they have are from the USA. But they are always happy to make new customers, so they hired afreight forwarder to help them.
As for competition they do have some, but the quality of their products has won them the trust of their clients.
Thanks to their exportationtheir sales have increased a lot over the years, but recently they have decreased slightly. They have also had economical help of institutions like PIPE and PROEXCA tohelp promote them.
They have also helped others; one example is that they achieve their packaging and labelling thanks to a special company that hires handicapped people sothey can also have an opportunity.
With their foreign customers they use air freight, and also reefers to conserve the quality of the goods. The term they use is Cost andFreight.
The method of payment they offer depends on the relationship they have with the country, for example USA customers pay by time draft and customers in Bahrainpay in advance. The documents they usually have to do are Commercial Invoice, air waybill, Certificate of origin, Single Administrative Document and phytosanitary certificate
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