La belleza de la vida

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It’s really necessary to be prepared like a professional?
Certainly the importance of our professions is justified on the fact that nowadays everyone needs to be prepared. It’s really necessary thatin high schools and preparatory the students star on thinking of their future, and they also need some support of their parents and teachers. It doesn’t mean that they are responsible, but is knownthat a little of help could do so many things for take a big decision.
So in first place, imagine a life without professionals?
That really point s to a world of ignorant, how terrible would it beto pass our life full of unknowledge. Someone good in something means a retribution for the advance of the life of everyone, it means we are made for help even if it’s not in our plans. A clear exampleof that is when we need someone who helps us in our houses, because everyone´s desire is to possess a clean place and it means that we need some money for pay for that service, but also it make us torealize that the person who helps in our homes could be on our places if they just had had the opportunity of study a career.
Secondly we must know that the most important thing in our life is thefamily, and it’s for sure that a family needs good roots, and being someone prepared could help a lot. Here in Mexico we have to be realistic and look around. For example who hasn’t heard someonesaying that they prefer to work instead of study? We need to wake up and understand for what we are made for.
Sometimes we have a lot of pressure for example the parents, sometimes they want or wish alife for us, but if we are visualizing something else, there come the discussions. Parent should know that their Childs need to discover by their self what is the most convenient because this is thelaw of the life. If we go ahead on this then we´ll enjoy of our efforts.
In conclusion it´s very important to grow up, and be conscious of what the future brings, so we have to face the truth and...
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