La bogeria

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  • Publicado : 22 de enero de 2011
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* Excuse me madam
* Yes.
* Hi! Can I ask you some question?
* What are they about?
* It about your journey and about your life butthe question are the simple.
* Ok, but my English is not very good.
* Ok, you don’t worry my questions are very simple and you can answer themeasily. My name is faiqa and I am in 2nd batxillarat and do interview is the part of my school work for that I am here. Now I begin ask my question. At thefirst, tell me what your name?
* My name is Puja.
* If you don’t mind can you tell me how old are you?
* I’m 34 years.
* Ok. Whereare you from?
* I m from india.
* What are you saying, you didn’t look like an Indian girl and we thougth that you were a british girl.
*Are you come with your friends or family?
* I come with my friends.
* How many cities have you vist in spain?
* Madrid, Valencia, Málaga andnow in Barcelona.
* And witch city do you like most?
* Barcelona is the beautiful city and I like it.
* Do you like people of Spain and howare they?
* The people are very nice and friendly. They also help when we need help.
* Have you make any Spanish friend?
* No, not yet.* If you want to live in Spain, in which city you prefer live?
* Of course in Barcelona.
* Why?
* Because I like this city and the peopleare very friendly.
* Do you like any food in spain?
* Yeah, paella
* That’s all. Thank you and nice to meet you.
* Ok. Bye
* Bye.
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