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At SEACO we provide a customized approach to service and problem solving at our customer's site. Recommendations are based on the best available technology and the variables at a particular location. SEACO specializes in custom formulation, system design, quality assurance, solutions to difficult problems and personnel training. Our goal is to allow our customers be more successful by reducingtheir operating costs, help provide a better return on their investment and to help them achieve their environmental objectives. We strictly follow the law, act ethically and with integrity and are highly responsible with respect to the environment and community interests.
Mining & Minerals

Seaco can provide assistance with an array of different mining techniques. In the miningindustries, dust can cause a major problem with production as well as safety, which is why Seaco has a patented dust control system which allows dust suppression without excessive water usage.

Dust control can be applied to many different mining plants including: cement, copper, borax, coal, and limestone. Trial runs are administered to show how our system works and provides for an increase inproductivity in the workplace. Seaco also provides boiler and cooling water services in the previous areas to make your system run as efficient as possible and avoid unnecessary costs.

Seaco makes a program that is tailored to fit your company's needs and performance using cutting edge chemical technology. We believe in regular monitoring and addressing of corrosion, deposition, as well ashealth and environmental risks.
* Dust Control
* Scale and Corrosion
* Liquid/Solid Separation
* Polymers

Seaco has products and processes to treat heating ventilation and air conditioning in major industry. We provide condenser and cooling tower treatments as well as treatments for chillers. We don't just sell standardized treatment packages; we insure that the treatmentand products are beneficial and personal to your own HVAC system.

Seaco can provide aid with air handlers and steam or hot water boilers. Our products and treatments are designed to aid HVAC systems and increase their running life by preventing damage that could be caused by continuous use without any treatment.

We have account technical representatives who can assess your systems needs andrequirements and work with you to create a treatment plan that fits your company's needs and standards. Our products and treatments are experience tested and will greatly benefit your business in the years to come.
Power & Energy

The power and utilities industries require added expertise in designing and servicing water treatment programs. Seaco Technologies Inc has members on staff whohave worked with smaller co-generation families to nuclear power plants.

In addition to our water treatment programs, Seaco is a recognized leader in the control of fugitive coal dust. We provide solutions from the rail dump to the burner. We also have treatment programs for scrubbers, waste treatment and other occupational areas where a specialty chemical program can provide a cost benefit tothe facility.
* Boilers
* Cooling Towers
* Dust Control
* Liquid/Solids Separation
Refining & Petrochemical

Seaco's staff has over eighty years of experience in refining and petrochemical treatment. Our expertise stretches from the tank farm thru to the finish product pipeline. Our products include:
* Antifoulants
* Corrosion inhibitors
* Desalter additives* Antifoams
* Boiler
* Cooling
* Waste treatment
* Odor control
* Process additives
Seaco is also an established leader in the operation of domestic water systems providing products and operational certification.

If you have tried the old solutions and desire a new straight up look at your treatment programs give Seaco a call.
* Boilers
* Cooling Towers
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