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  • Publicado : 19 de febrero de 2012
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Gian A. Serrano Alberti
Security and Surveillance Cameras in Schools
December 9, 2011 – “My Birthday :)”
American Military Academy
Prof. M. Mendez

Violence and robberies is a bigissue in the world today. Just turn on your TV and it proves itself. Where you definitely don't want violence and robberies is in your own school. If kids were in danger when they went to school wouldyou take them? I certainly wouldn't. A suggestion of putting up surveillance cameras through the building to prevent violence sounds like a good idea right? That is where you would be very wrong.Think about it do you really want your kid being watched by someone else that they don't even know? That person watching your kid could know what kind of friends they hang-out with, where their classesare, even where there locker is and maybe even the combination. The fact is that there are people in this world who would look for that kind of things to use to find out information about your kid. Theschool can promise that they will not look into that but how can the school even be sure that the person is not thinking about your kid? Do you want to take that risk?
The school says that they willuse cameras for violence or robberies, but how can you be sure? They could be using the cameras against students. They could catch two people kissing each other. The school might be thinking that thetwo people should be going a little to far. The students could be completely embarrassed knowing that they are watching every move. This could have students being afraid to go to school.
Personalspace is a big argument. People would feel very uncomfortable knowing that everyday the school is watching you. The school could say it would make kids feel safe, but students feel extremelyuncomfortable.

After knowing all of the things a school might really be doing, it makes you think...Is my child really safe? Maybe the school might be telling the truth, but do you really want to take the...
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