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03th January, 2011
10mo ‘C’
anna james

1) Unscramble the questions.
Can you speak Spanish?
b) Friends’/can/remember/birthdays/your/you
Can you remember your friends’ birthdays?
How fast could you run when you were younger?
d) Were/could/swim/you/you/when/four years old.
Could you swim when you were four yearsold?
e) Sports/can/brother/your/play/any.
Can your brother play any sports?
f) Is/can’t/do/anything/you/there.
Is there anything you can’t do?
2) Match thequestions in 1 with the answers
1. No, I can’t, but I’m going to take classes next semester a
2. No, I couldn’t d
3. I can’t dance at all-I’m terrible! f4. He can play soccer and tennis. e
5. Yes, but they forget mine. b
6. I could run a mile in about six minutes. c

3) Complete the sentences with can,could, can’t or couldn’t
a. He could play the guitar better when he was younger. He hasn’t practiced for years.
b. She couldn’t attend the last tango,but she can today!
c. That song was terrible. They can’t sing at all!
d. Pacey could act really well when he was young.
e. This year I can’t play thepiano competition; I’ve broke my hand!
f. My father can’t see anything without his glasses

4) Answer the questions about you.
a) What are you reallygood at ?
I can play basketball.
b) What are you pretty good at?
I can play tennis
c) What could you do when you were five?
I could sing and dance.
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