La ciencia

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  • Publicado : 1 de mayo de 2010
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This is an original story; any resemblance with the reality is mere coincidence.

In an unknown place in an unknown time Light was born. Light was his name, an uncommon name, I just know hisstory is a legend.

It was a normal morning, Light got up early and he went out early too, as always he was wearing a big triangle and a gold necklace, everybody thought that he didn’t had name so hewas known as “necklace boy”. The necklace had a inscription “The true story doesn’t still begin”. He visited to his friend Sherry, but when he arrived to Sherry’s house she wasn’t there, he wasthinking about where Sherry was. Suddenly, he saw a pool of blood and then he saw a shadow behind the sofa, but apparently it was a black cat, well at least it seemed like that. Light immediately cameout of the house, at the same time, in the distance, he looked to Sherry, and he asked her if she was aware of the situation in her house, she said him she wasn’t aware about that situation, at oncethey called to the police station and they didn’t enter until the police office arrived.

The police arrived and entered inside the house, it was completely clean, neither a drop of blood nor amark of aggression. Light and Sherry didn’t understand what was happening. They were AFRAID.

Next day Sherry received a letter, it said:

Dear Sherry:

I hope this letter can be read directlyby you, if it is this way, I would like to tell you I am so excited because I met you yesterday and you like me very much, first I like your face, your hands, your legs, I like your body, yourpersonality, your feelings and manly I like you when you are scared, oh yeah I like your facial expression when you are scared and I will constantly try to scared you many times may be it can be nextweek, tomorrow or now .

Also I want to tell you that I don’t like the boy that was next to you yesterday, I’m going to eliminate him, so take it easy, and I will give you an advice, be ready....
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